Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Terraform deployment

AKS components I assumed that you are familiar with the Kubernetes Cluster concepts (elementary level). Therefore I didn’t do any deep dive into the elementary components. The focus of this post is the following topics: The control plane (Kubernetes core component) It’s the core of the Kubernetes Cluster and doesn’t matter on which cloud providerContinue reading “Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Terraform deployment”

Onboarding : Serverless and message passing architecture

The onboarding posts go through the important points, that an Azure Cloud Solution Architect has to know to get started for certificate preparation. The prepration for the certificate has the following steps: Get familier with Azure services Know the keywords Get familier with the key concept of each Azure service Know how to use themContinue reading “Onboarding : Serverless and message passing architecture”

Develop frontend for backend via Vue

Related topics Develop containerized microservices in VS Develop Azure Function App in VS Scenario: When the caller and called application are not in the same origin the CORS Policy doesn’t allow the called application / backend to response the caller application. It’s strongly recommended to specify the allow origin in your backend. In the following video IContinue reading “Develop frontend for backend via Vue”

Onboarding : Azure Access Management

Topics Key concept RBAC When to elevate access Key concept Role-based access control (RBAC) RBAC To grant access to a subscription, identify the appropriate role to assign to an employee Scenario: Requirement of the presentation tier is to use in-memory sessions to store the logged user’s profile as the user interacts with the portal. InContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Access Management”

Onboarding : Modern Applications

Topics Key concepts Using Azure container for containerized web application Azure Container Registry Azure Container Registry Tasks Azure Container Instance (ACI) Create an Azure Container Instance (ACI) ACI restart-policies ACI check log, state, events ACI set environment variables ACI data volumes Azure Kubernetes Service Using Azure APP Service background task in an App Service WebContinue reading “Onboarding : Modern Applications”

Onboarding : Azure Configure NSG, ASG, Firewall, and Service Endpoints

Topics Configure Network Security Group (NSG) Configure Application Security Group (ASG) Configure Service Firewall Storage Configure Service Endpoints Storage Configure Network Security Group (NSG) The following figure demonstrates, what we implement in the following code [Source]. Remember that the default rules deny all inbound traffic into a virtual network, unless this traffic is coming fromContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Configure NSG, ASG, Firewall, and Service Endpoints”

Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment

Scenarios Keywords Available provisioning solutions Custom script extension (VMs) Desired State Configuration Extensions (VMs) Chef Automate Server Terraform Azure Automation State Configuration (DSC) Azure Resource Manager templates (all resources) Deploy ARM Template via Powershell Implement and deploy Infrastructure via Terraform Keywords Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Available provisioning solutions Discover the services and tools available toContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment”

Azure Storage and Best Practices

Topics Call Storage Rest API How Authenticate by Azure Storage How to secure the authentication values This document presents the Azure Storage’s Best Practices. Call Storage Rest API The Storage’s REST API can be called as follows over HTTP/HTTPS. The output of this call is XML therefore the pre-built client libraries can help to workContinue reading “Azure Storage and Best Practices”

Clouds : Resource management

Azure resource group is for managing resources in Azure. How to create resource group: go to resource group by searching it > use add button > fill in the form and create a resource group. AWS Coming soon… GCP project is for managing resources in GCP. How to create project: go to manage resource pageContinue reading “Clouds : Resource management”

Visual Studio Code Online

Actually, I really like the visual studio code online! Prerequisites For using the Visual Studio Code Online an Azure subscription in necessary, because the IDE is being hosted on the Azure and a resource group is created for it. Start with Visual Studio Code Online The URL is : After sign-in to vs code,Continue reading “Visual Studio Code Online”