Let’s Bring Your Enterprise to the Cloud (Infrastructure as well as Application)

Bringing Your Enterprise to Cloud is not easy but very interesting challenge. It can be helpful to have a checklist of topics, which have to be discussed as your Roadmap or Whole Journey. Then you can define the MVP or deliverable of each sprint.

I’ll try to provide a general checklist template for the “Bring Your Enterprise on Cloud” topic.

Quick On-Boarding for distributing knowledge in the organization

To start easy with clouds, I’m preparing some Quick Onboarding. The quick onboardings are useful to get an overview of a topic. I have used them to get ready for my cloud solution architect certificates.

Services and features in different Cloud Vendors

Shared responsibility model: All the cloud providers follow the shared responsibility model. Clouds: Shared responsibility model

List of services in different cloud provider platform:






Compute Engine

Virtual Machine

App Service

Container App


App Runner



Container support services

Tools for Architects

For cloud architects, it is important to have a cost-optimized architecture. Microsoft has recently released an assessment for Azure. This video can help: https://mybuild.microsoft.com/sessions/875d815b-66dc-4344-abc1-25b06e43bb4f and this is the link to the Assessment document https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/architecture/framework/

Customer data Protection

You owe your dreams your courage.

Koleka Putuma