Clouds : Shared responsibility model

In doesn’t make difference which cloud vendor you have chosen as the platform. All of them follow the shared responsibility model. What does it mean? It means the cloud provider has the security responsibility of the cloud and cloud customer has the security responsibility in the cloud. Azure AWS GCP IBM Shared responsibility model SharedContinue reading “Clouds : Shared responsibility model”

Develop containerized microservices in VS

Related topics Develop Azure Function App in VS Containerize project It’s really simple to containerize your projects specially when you have api project. Change controller route in containerized microservices project Source code You owe your dreams your courage. Koleka Putuma

Onboarding : Azure API Performance and secure backend

Topices Key concepts API Management Components Improve performance by API Management caching Configure caching policy in API Management Caching possibilities Authentication possibilities Expose multiple Azure Function apps as a consistent Azure Front Door Related topices Key concepts Azure API Management API API definition API Gateway (APIM component) Accepts API calls and routes them to the backend.Continue reading “Onboarding : Azure API Performance and secure backend”

Onboarding : Azure Management Features

Topics Key concepts Azure scopes Policies Role-based access control (RBAC) Key concepts Azure AD Group Policy Role-based access control Azure scopes Azure provides four level of management Level 1 : Management Groups Level 2: Subscriptions Level 3: Resource Groups Level 4 : Resources Note: lower level inherts setting from the higher level. Apply the criticalContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Management Features”

Onboarding : Azure Compute

Topics Keywords Manage VM Availability Set Scale Set Snapshot Image Deploy VM from VHD Generalize a server Azure Batch Automate business processes Related topics Onboarding : Azure Management Features Onboarding : Azure Secure Services Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment Onboarding : Modern Applications Keywords Virtual Machine (VM) CLI VM Availability Set Scale Set Snapshot (from disk) Image (from vm)Continue reading “Onboarding : Azure Compute”

Clouds : Solution Architecting

Topics Consideration by architecting Documents Related topics Clouds : Virtual Network and Subnet Clouds : Resource management Consideration by architecting We should ask this questions ourselves by architecting a solution by designing its monitoring solution how would you diagnose issues with an application how would you understand it’s health what are it’s choke points how would youContinue reading “Clouds : Solution Architecting”

Onboarding : Azure Secure APIs/Services

Topics Key concepts Secure and isolate access to azure resources by using Network Security Group and Application Security Group Secure and isolate access to azure resources by using Service Enpoints Secure backend API by using API Management Related topics Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment Onboarding : Azure API Performance With Azure API Management ServiceContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Secure APIs/Services”

Onboarding : Application Resilience

Topics Key concepts Load balancing web service with application gateway Load balancing with Azure Load Balancer Enhance service availability and data locality with Traffic Manager Key concepts Application Gateway Azure Load balancer Availability Set logical grouping for isolating VM resources from each other (run across multiple physical servers, racks,m storage units, and network switch) ForContinue reading “Onboarding : Application Resilience”

Clouds : Virtual Network and Subnet

Azure: Create Vnet Azure: Create Subnet AWS: Create VPC AWS: Create Subnet Summary Azure AWS GCP Select region for vnet and regions are region/zone because we have for example East US & East US 2 Select region for VPC Subnet is created in vnet’s region. Subnet is created in different zones of the region GCPContinue reading “Clouds : Virtual Network and Subnet”

Configure ExpressRoute

This document is the second part of on-boarding: Azure Infrastructure document. In the previous document “What should we know about ExpressRoute” has been explained. Here is explained how to configure ExpressRoute. ExpressRoute peering requirements BGP sessions for routing domains have to be configured (either by organization or expressroute provider) For each expressroute circuite, mirosoft requiresContinue reading “Configure ExpressRoute”