Terraform : Cloud

Create organization and workspace in terraform cloud

  1. Sign up/in to this URL (https://app.terraform.io/signup/account)
  2. Skip all the questions
  3. Create an organization

4. Create a workspace (by clicking on create one now)

5. Select the type of the workspace (CLI-driven workflow)

6. Give a name to the workspace.

7. Create the workspace.

8. After creation the workspace the following page is appeared.

9. Set the terraform version in workspace > Setting > General and save settings.

10. Change execution mode to local (to run Terraform commands from the workstation with local variables.)

11. Pay attention: you see two settings on the page.

12. For changing the Plan & Billing go to the Organization setting.

We can use remote state to avoid saving the terraform state file locally and safe keeping the terraform state.

Configure remote state

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