Visual Studio Code Online

Actually, I really like the visual studio code online!


For using the Visual Studio Code Online an Azure subscription in necessary, because the IDE is being hosted on the Azure and a resource group is created for it.

Start with Visual Studio Code Online

The URL is :

After sign-in to vs code, an environment must be created or the existing environment can be used. By creating an environment the URL to GitHub repository can be enter in the Git Repository field. The git is cloned in workspace once the IDE is hosted.

For the next time is not necessary to create an environment again, and the existing one can be used.


I used the following tooling or extensions on the vs code online:

  • I installed the power shell 7 and developer the power shell scripts.
  • Connected the IDE to Azure and executed the power shell scripts.
  • I installed the azcli extension and developed the .azcli scipts.
  • Docker is available by default on the IDE machine.
  • I installed the docker-composer and ran the docker-composer file.
  • Installed the Azure App Service extension and deployed the docker image from local on the Azure App Service.
  • Clone the code from GitHub and work with Github.
  • Clone code from GitLab and work with GitLab.

Limitations and solutions

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