Enterprise solution for API Management

Hybrid, multi-cloud management platform for APIs across all environments. Nowadays, enterprises are API producer and they expose their services to their customers via APIs.

With Azure API Management Service enterprises can selectively expose their services to their partners, consumers in a secure manner.

Enterprise level benefits of Azure API Management

  • Exposing the services/APIs in a secure manner.
  • A Framework for API Management can be approved by compliance gate and teams can use it without repeating the same compliance gate process.
  • A list of exposed APIs/Services are always for monitoring available for CTO.

Must haves at enterprise level implementation for Azure API Management :

  • Define a secure framework for API Management
  • On-board teams to be able to use this framework
  • Support and monitor the Teams activities

Enterprise Level limitation

If an enterprise level decides to use the custom role assignment must pay attention to 2000 RBAC assignment per subscription.

Framework for Azure API Management

In the framework document we must define at least two teams and the functional and non-functional requirement must be clarified and explained in great detail.

  • Service Provider Team : is the team who define the framework and perform the compliance gate process for the service, they want to provide
  • Consumer Team : uses the provided service, because
    • They need this service in their solution.
    • They receive an On-Boarding and start technically easier with this service.
    • They can use the support of this service instead of using their resources
    • They don’t need compliance gate process for this service
Functional requirementsNon-functional requirements
By which cloud provider?How teams can request this service?
Is it private or public cloud?How they can get on-boarding?
How can have access to resources?How they can get support?
How to determine the dev/QA/prod environments?How are the SLA?
How team can access his resources?What are the service provider team’s responsibilities?
How they can add/remove/config their resources?What are the consumer team’s responsibilities?
Is their any automated flow? if yes, what are they?
How the automated flow can be considered in CI/CD? (if necessary for consumer team)
What are the secure compliance configurations?


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