IT Service/ Management

  • IT Service Provides value through outcomes to customers. It brings value to the company.
  • IT Service must lead to or provide lower costs and risks.

Stakeholders of IT services

  • People who have a stake in the value of a service.
  • Provider & customer of a service, who define system requirements and take responsibility for the outcomes of the service.

Value and outcomes


Value is the perceived benefit, usefulness, or importance of something to a stakeholder. The value of a service is what the customer seeks. The value has subjective quality.

The value definition is different in ITIL V3 and V4.

Outcome is the result for a stakeholder enabled by one or more outputs. Ex. the outcome of the haircut is that my hair looks gut.

Outputs are tangible or intangible deliverables. Ex. check if the haircut is complete.

All means that the service management capability must include systems for ensuring both gut reality and good perception over time and changing circumstances.

The ITIL is

  • A set of IT Service Management best practices
    • About how to provide quality IT services, including the processes, functions, and other capabilities needed.
  • A whole industry of training and consulting companies and there’s a very popular set of certifications based on the publications.
  • ITIL is vendor-natural


  • Linkedin Learning

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