Introduction This document gives us the definition of different cloud classifications and focuses on the Multicloud and Hybrid cloud and the organization’s tendency to adapt to the cloud specially for multi-cloud. This document even refers to the challenges of multi-cloud at the management and technical level and the reasons of them, and in the lastContinue reading “Multi-Cloud”

Develop frontend for backend via Vue

Related topics Develop containerized microservices in VS Develop Azure Function App in VS Scenario: When the caller and called application are not in the same origin the CORS Policy doesn’t allow the called application / backend to response the caller application. It’s strongly recommended to specify the allow origin in your backend. In the following video IContinue reading “Develop frontend for backend via Vue”

Develop containerized microservices in VS

Related topics Develop Azure Function App in VS Containerize project It’s really simple to containerize your projects specially when you have api project. Change controller route in containerized microservices project Source code You owe your dreams your courage. Koleka Putuma

Develop Azure Function App in VS

Related topics Develop containerized microservices in VS Develop frontend for backend via Vue Scenario: Assume you developed an online shopping. When a new product is added to the shop. A message is sent to a storage queue. You want to develop a Azure function that’s triggered when a message is pushed to the storage queue and createContinue reading “Develop Azure Function App in VS”

Onboarding : Azure Management Features

Topics Key concepts Azure scopes Policies Role-based access control (RBAC) Key concepts Azure AD Group Policy Role-based access control Azure scopes Azure provides four level of management Level 1 : Management Groups Level 2: Subscriptions Level 3: Resource Groups Level 4 : Resources Note: lower level inherts setting from the higher level. Apply the criticalContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Management Features”

AWS : Monitor, React, and Recover

Topics Key concepts Monitoring concept CloudWatch How to use CloudWatch CloudWatch Alert Recovering From Failure by using CloudTrail  Automating recovery Chaos engineering Edge cases Related topics AWS : Virtual Private Network (VPC) AWS : Infrastructure Deployment AWS : Business Objectives AWS : DynamoDB AWS : Resiliency AWS : Serverless Key concepts Monitoring : is for understanding what isContinue reading “AWS : Monitor, React, and Recover”

AWS : Infrastructure Deployment

Topics Key concepts CloudFormation Key concepts CloudFormation Automation: The use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems Cloud Governance: The people, process, and technology associated with your cloud infrastructure, security, and operations. It involves a framework with a set of policies and standard practices InfrastructureContinue reading “AWS : Infrastructure Deployment”

Onboarding : Azure Secure APIs/Services

Topics Key concepts Secure and isolate access to azure resources by using Network Security Group and Application Security Group Secure and isolate access to azure resources by using Service Enpoints Secure backend API by using API Management Related topics Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment Onboarding : Azure API Performance With Azure API Management ServiceContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Secure APIs/Services”

Docker, container, Kubernetes

Topics Key Concepts Docker Customize a docker image for your app local Kubernetes cluster with Minikube Minikube Running Pod/Container Related topics Key Concepts Docker : Docker is a technology that enables you to deploy applications and services quickly and easily. Docker app : A Docker app runs using a Docker image Docker image : AContinue reading “Docker, container, Kubernetes”

Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment

Scenarios Keywords Available provisioning solutions Custom script extension (VMs) Desired State Configuration Extensions (VMs) Chef Automate Server Terraform Azure Automation State Configuration (DSC) Azure Resource Manager templates (all resources) Deploy ARM Template via Powershell Implement and deploy Infrastructure via Terraform Keywords Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Available provisioning solutions Discover the services and tools available toContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Infrastructure deployment”