Azure Identity & Access Managemen

Introduction As we know Microsoft Azure Cloud platform works seamlessly with Azure Active Directory (AAD). The following products are three of many cloud-based Microsoft products. As demonstrated below each of them has its own RBAC. But only AAD manages the identities and the Azure Subscription & Azure DevOps and also the other products which canContinue reading “Azure Identity & Access Managemen”

Onboarding : Azure Access Management

Topics Key concept RBAC When to elevate access Key concept Role-based access control (RBAC) RBAC To grant access to a subscription, identify the appropriate role to assign to an employee Scenario: Requirement of the presentation tier is to use in-memory sessions to store the logged user’s profile as the user interacts with the portal. InContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Access Management”

Onboarding : Azure Active Directory

Topices Advantages of the Azure Active Directory Hybrid Active Directory (On-Prem & Cloud) Provisioning a Azure Active Directory Azure Active Directory’s blade overview App Registration Self-Service Password Reset Advantages of the Azure Active Directory It’s suitable for the cloud. Support modern authentication protocols. (e.g. WS-FED, SAML Federation, OpenID Connect, OAuth) Azure AD will come withContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Active Directory”

DevOps Built-in Access Levels, Security Groups and AAD Groups

Scenario: in large organizations it’s so important that not all the colleagues who are working together on a project to be able to release/ deploy the product in production environment. There must be always a check list to get ready for deploying in production. Nowadays this check list is called continuous integration/deploy (CI/CD). Therefore theContinue reading “DevOps Built-in Access Levels, Security Groups and AAD Groups”