Onboarding : Azure Access Management

Topics Key concept RBAC When to elevate access Key concept Role-based access control (RBAC) RBAC To grant access to a subscription, identify the appropriate role to assign to an employee Scenario: Requirement of the presentation tier is to use in-memory sessions to store the logged user’s profile as the user interacts with the portal. InContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Access Management”

Onboarding : Azure Management Features

Topics Key concepts Azure scopes Policies Role-based access control (RBAC) Key concepts Azure AD Group Policy Role-based access control Azure scopes Azure provides four level of management Level 1 : Management Groups Level 2: Subscriptions Level 3: Resource Groups Level 4 : Resources Note: lower level inherts setting from the higher level. Apply the criticalContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Management Features”