Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes


What does “Arc-enabled Kubernetes” mean? it means a Kubernetes Cluster that the Azure Arc Agent has been installed on.

Should an instance of Azure Arc be provisioned? No, Azure Arc is a global service.

What about data security? very good question! I’ll explain it below. Because first, you have to know how Azure Arc works.

How does Azure Arc work?

  • We use az-cli to install the Azure Arc Agent on a Kubernetes Cluster.
  • This command asks for an Azure location. This location is where the metadata of the cluster will be saved.
  • After the Agent has been installed a metadata object of your cluster will be seen on the Azure Portal in Azure Arc Service. Sometimes this metadata object is called a projected cluster.
  • This object only represents the connected cluster to Azure Arc and nothing more.

How to connect a Kubernetes Cluster to Azure Arc?

The following video demonstrates how to connect an Azure Kubernetes Cluster to Azure Arc.

When should Arc be used?

In the following scenarios we can use Azure Arc.

  • You have an application that must be released in different and several cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and On-Premises. And your company is responsible for their maintenance and monitoring.
  • You have several K8s Cluster and you have to work with multiple kube-config. Azure Arc can be a solution to get rid of working with multiple kube config contexts or logging in to different environments.

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