Clouds : Solution Architecting

Consideration by architecting

We should ask this questions ourselves by architecting a solution by designing its monitoring solution

  • how would you diagnose issues with an application
  • how would you understand it’s health
  • what are it’s choke points
  • how would you identify them and what would you do when something breaks

Like the firefighting maneuver that must be executed half-yearly or yearly in each company, we have to use “chaos engineering” technique to intentionally cause breakage in the environments in a controlled manner to test monitoring, alerts, react of the architecture and resiliency of our solution.

Decide for the right resource and architecture for youe product

  • Choose the appropriate architecture based on your requirements
  • Know which compute options is right for your workload
  • Identify the right storage solution that meets your needs
  • Decide how you’re going to manage all your resources
  • Optimize your application for the cloud
  • Secure your Infrastructure


  • Security document
  • Holistic Monitor Strategy for application & infrustructure
    • explains about the alerts: for which failures an alert is necessary
    • explain about the dashboard: which values can be monitored only via dashboard
    • explain how to meet SLA and how to mange with alert
  • Busines Continuity and Disaster Recovery document
  • The cloud solution architect must consider the framework and provide a buisiness plan for migration.

You owe your dreams your courage.

Koleka Putuma

Published by parisamoosavinezhad

- Software Engineer - Software Architect - Software and database specialist - Cloud solution architect

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