Pipe and Filter Design Pattern

Break up logic in small steps instead of a long-run service or process. Approach Each request must call services separately instead of a long-running service. Data is passed from one filter to another filter. Filters exchange data use a standardized format and protocol. Why filter data must be standardized? We can add or remove filtersContinue reading “Pipe and Filter Design Pattern”

AWS : Costs and Pricing

Topics Key concepts Cost structure AWS Pricing Paid AWS Cloud Services AWS does not charge for Good Cost Hygiene Practices Costs In Regions Key Points Tips for Reducing Costs Key concepts Cost structure [Source] Managing cloud spend is one of the major challenges facing experienced IT organizations today. We must be able to do theContinue reading “AWS : Costs and Pricing”

Clouds : Resource management

Azure resource group is for managing resources in Azure. How to create resource group: go to resource group by searching it > use add button > fill in the form and create a resource group. AWS Coming soon… GCP project is for managing resources in GCP. How to create project: go to manage resource pageContinue reading “Clouds : Resource management”