Onboarding : Azure Serverless


  • Key concepts
  • Azure Function App
  • Azure LogicApp

Key concepts

  • serverless: is Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • functionapp
  • logicapp

Azure Function App

  • function app runs based on triggers
  • function app can be triggered by
    • webhook
    • API
    • Timer
    • Data Processing
  • can have more triggers
  • it’s event-driven
  • project files are
    • host.json
    • local.settings.json
  • runs code on-demand without explicitly provision / manage the infrastructure
  • hosting plans are
    • consumption plan : azure provisions all the necessary resources for running function and we pay as function is running
    • app service plan : just like web app. we can use the same plan with no additional costs
  • runtime stack
    • node js
    • .net core
    • java
    • powershell
  • <function-app-name>.azurewebsites.net
  • for stateful functions
  • function needs trigger, integration, price plan


  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Event Hub
  • Event Grid
  • Notification Hub
  • Service Bus (Queue & Topic)
  • Storage (Blob, Table)
  • On-prem (using serrvice bus)
  • Twilio (SMS Message)

Event & triggers

  • Http
  • timer
  • cosmosdb
  • blob
  • queue
  • event grid
  • event hub (iot)
  • service bus queue
  • service bus topic
Consumption Plan (Pay for what used)App Service Plan (predictable monthly cost)Premium Plan
Basic or higher tierimproved performance
Scaling is integrated in serviceScaling must be configuredVnet support
Pay for number of execution
Pay for CPU time & RAM
timeout after 5 min, iincreasable to 10 min
400,000 GB Free

Azure LogicApp

  • can have only one trigger
  • it’s event-driven


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