Azure Virtual Network (VNet)

The Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is like a container that provide traffic isolation and segmentation. An Azure virtual network (VNet) is a representation of your own network in the cloud. You can control your Azure network settings and define DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies, and routing. You can also further segment your VNetContinue reading “Azure Virtual Network (VNet)”

Azure Service Bus

Service bus is available on azure platform with three different messaging possibilities: Service Bus Queue Service Bus Topic Service Bus Relay Service Bus Queue It’s available for Basic Price Tier. Service Bus Topic It’s available for Standard / Premium Price Tier. Service Bus Relay Service Bus is usually for the enterprise level solutions, where theContinue reading “Azure Service Bus”

Azure Activity Log

Azure Activity Log -> provides insights into subscription-level events.Retention period of 90 days Benefit of connecting Activity Log to Log Analytics consolidate the activity logs of multi subscriptions in one place for analysis. Store Activity Log enteries for more than 90 days. Correlate Activity Log data with Azure Monitor data. Use Log queries for complexContinue reading “Azure Activity Log”

Onboarding : Azure Monitor and Alert

Topics Related topics Available monitoring options Azure Monitor: this codument go through the important aspects of it. Azure Security Center Azure Sentinel Monitoring concepts Each project need a holistic monitor strategy. Scenario: A financial organization is moving its systems to Azure, with a mixture of IaaS and PaaS services. In its previous environment, the organizationContinue reading “Onboarding : Azure Monitor and Alert”

Authentication methods

Azure Authentication via Active Directory Disadvantage of Active Directory If a company has use the Active Directory of the authentication and the personals are allowed to do home office, therefore they need to use VPN Connection to authenticate to the company’s Active Directory. This isn’t so secure. Manage and authentication for mobile and modern devicesContinue reading “Authentication methods”

Azure API Management

How to change the email address of a basic user It’s via power shell and API management Rest API possible. Export API definition for developers The developers can export the API definition in OpenAPI JSON format and WADL from API Management Developer Portal. And the developers can use these files to generate client-side code byContinue reading “Azure API Management”