Azure Service Bus

Service bus is available on azure platform with three different messaging possibilities:

  • Service Bus Queue
  • Service Bus Topic
  • Service Bus Relay
Service Bus QueueIt’s available for Basic Price Tier.
Service Bus TopicIt’s available for Standard / Premium Price Tier.
Service Bus Relay

Service Bus is usually for the enterprise level solutions, where the following items must be considered in the solution:

  • Multi components communicate with each other via brokered messaging
  • Communication is discrete.
  • A broker is needed to distribute the messages between components.
  • The message order is important (FIFO).
  • The application can have multi-tier architecture.
  • The application is hybrid (partially on-prem and partially cloud-based).
  • The applicaions of different departments must communicate with each other.

Service bus is created as a namespace and the message streamings are defined in the namespace and the price tier is defined at namespace level.

With Premium price tier is possible to define the Message Units. The message unit, isolate the workload processing in CPU and Memory. therefore, the partitioning option is removed from Create Queue and Topic blade. Two are features for premium are:

  • Event -> for automation
  • Firewall and virtual networks

Bus Service Overview

It’s available in Premium Price Tier

Shared Access Policies: in this blade we access the primary & secondary key & connection.

This is available in premium price tier

Queues: Add serveral queues.

Topics: Add several topics.

Secure Acceess

Uses the Shared Access Signature (SAS) with full access. This is generated by creating the service bus namesapace.

For Developers

The development has two parts

  • Sending message to the service bus queue
  • Handling/ process the messages in the service bus queue


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