Data Protection

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Azure Cloud

APIApplication Programming Interface
API ManagementApplication Programming Interface Management
API Gateway
Azure Data Factory, Pipeline, Activity
Azure Databricks
Storage Account
Container and Blob Storage
Event Grid, Event Source, Event Handler
Service Bus, Topic, Message Queue
RBACRole-Based Access Control.
For specifiying the permissions and privilages on a user for a group at different levels.
– Subscription Level
– Resource level.
Virtual Network VNETVirtual Network
Virtual NetworkSite-to-Site
Virtual Network Point-to-Site
Virtual Network ExpressRoute
Azure Service Bus Relay Connection It must be installed
Serverless Computing The logics which doesn’t need resources, as long as they are executed.
Serverless Computing Logic App
Serverless Computing Azure Function For developing Microservices
Azure Service Fabric (ASF)For developing Microservices
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)For developing Microservices
RDP Connection
IAMIdentity Access Management
SSLA Protocol for remote desktop.
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
ARMAzure Resource Manager
Active DirectorySSPRSelf-Service Password Reset
Active Directory Azure Active Directory (AAD) For centralized identity management purposes.
Active DirectoryMFAMulti Factor Authentication
Key/VaultMSIManaged Service Identity


OAuth 2.0 For Token-based API communication.
SAML 2.0Srcurity Assertion Markup Language.

Standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between security domains for App Authentication (Single Sign in).
OpenID ConnectOpenID Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth2 protocol. It extends OAuth2
SASShared Access Signature -> in this type of security we have the primary and secondary keys and connection strings.


IngressEnabling Traffic: Opening the cluster to receive external client traffic.
Traffic Routing: Define traffic routes to backend services.
Traffic Reliability: Ensuring reliable, secure communication
PodThe smallest deployable unit, which will be comprised of one or more containers.
Pause containerEstablishes a network namespace which all containers in the pod will share. It’s the first container to be created when the pod is created, the last container to be removed when a pod is removed and simply executes a small program which does nothing until a signal is called instructing it to terminate. Network is Linux base.
Plural Sight Training
Inter pod communication
Virtual ethernet bridgePods communicate to eachother because their virtual network namespace is attached to a virtual ethernet bridge in the host nodes network namespace.
The bridge works at layer two of the OSI networking model.
Container Networking Interface (CNI)
Service ObjectIt can be defined in YAML.

The azure resources with SAS:

  • Service Bus
  • Storage Account

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