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Create a simple Lambda function

The function looks like this after creation

To call the function

  1. First select a test event and configure the test values
  2. Click test button
Select a Test event
Configure test values

For monitoring the lambda refer to AWS : Monitor, React, and Recover document.

This is a list of available serverless services on Amazon cloud.


AWS Lambda is one of the Serverless possibilites, We can bring our code and have it run in response to an event.

Handler is the primary entry point and the whole code can follow the OOP standards.

Lambda function and object oriented design

This is the usual layer of the lambda function. The business logic must not be developed in handler.

The business logic must be developed in controller class.

Services is for interfaces with external services.

when a Lambda function runs, each time a new execution context is created, there’s a bootstrap component to that start up time for that function where the runtime itself needs to be bootstrapped, and all of the dependencies for that function have to be loaded from S3 and initialized. In order to optimize the cold starts for your function, you should consider reducing the overall size of your libraries.

So that means removing any unnecessary dependencies in your dependency graph, as well as being conscious of the overall start up time for the libraries you’re using. Certain libraries like Spring within the Java context take a long time to initialize, and that time is going to impact the cold start times for your function. Also, if you’re using any compiled libraries within your function, consider statically linking them instead of using dynamic link libraries.

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