Autonomous Vehicles

Are people ready to adopt connected autonomous vehicles? Shared driverless vehicles The status of ADAS in the race to automation MUSICC: open source repository for regulatory scenarios Improving accessible transportation around the world @CITY, automated cars and intelligent traffic in the city Vehicle automation vs. vehicle autonomy – driving forces and technological impact Autonomous shuttlesContinue reading “Autonomous Vehicles”

Security aspects in code

There are different aspects which must be considered in source code for a better code quality and security. Some of them from the past time that we didn’t upload our source code in GitHub or other code repositories like: Data injection Database connection string Some other aspects belong to nowadays that we upload code toContinue reading “Security aspects in code”

Fluent Interface

In software engineering, a fluent interface is a method for designing object oriented APIs based extensively on method chaining with the goal of making the readability of the source code close to that of ordinary written prose, essentially creating a domain-specific language within the interface [Wiki]. For example for Stablishing a connection to a databaseContinue reading “Fluent Interface”


Data Protection GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Azure Cloud Resource Word Description API Application Programming Interface API Management Application Programming Interface Management API Gateway Azure Data Factory, Pipeline, Activity Azure Databricks Storage Account Container and Blob Storage Event Grid, Event Source, Event Handler Service Bus, Topic, Message Queue SubscriptionResource RBAC Role-Based Access Control.For specifiying theContinue reading “Glossary”

DevOps Built-in Access Levels, Security Groups and AAD Groups

Scenario: in large organizations it’s so important that not all the colleagues who are working together on a project to be able to release/ deploy the product in production environment. There must be always a check list to get ready for deploying in production. Nowadays this check list is called continuous integration/deploy (CI/CD). Therefore theContinue reading “DevOps Built-in Access Levels, Security Groups and AAD Groups”